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Just as stunning online!

Rick Barrera is just as stunning online as he is in person. Schedule a webinar video conference and get the same valuable insight broadcast live online!

It's easy and convenient.

You don't need a tech-certification to do it. Just jump on the computer or phone and have a complete conference with Rick Barrera.

Have questions? Get them answered!

Get exact answers to your questions and get practical advice with a full Q&A session. Rick Barrera does not disappoint you with roundabout answers like other speakers. He gives you a direct roadmap for a successful strategy to overachieve in your marketplace.

Here’s what clients say:

"I had the pleasure of consulting with Rick Barrera, and it was one of the most insightful experiences I ever had. Rick literally took the time out to dissect my business and to find out what areas I needed to change, in order to take my business to the next level. Rick helped me discover my unique selling proposition within the first 15 minutes of our conversation. He really just made me understand the aspects of constantly communicating my core values with my prospects and current clients. Rick has a really good understanding of helping your business over-promise and over-deliver it's message and how to enhance your customer's experiences. My entire business has greatly progressed with the amazing breakthroughs Rick helped me achieve. I highly recommend his consulting services, one phone with him revamped my entire vision." - AJ Mihrzad (LifeFuel Fit Personal Training) Long Island, NY

" Rick Barrera was chosen to be our keynote speaker at our Annual Managers Meeting. His presentation was made live to over 100 participants and video cast to an additional 400 managers throughout our operations in the US and Canada. Prior to the meeting, Rick took the time to learn about our company; and as a result of his preparation, the presentation was tailored for this event and reflected an understanding of our business. This was not your typical canned presentation and the effect on the audience was impressive. Rick has a great style, the audience warms up rapidly and his message Touch Point Branding is interjected with just the right amount of humor. Rick made a great presentation and his closing is unforgettable. Many of our managers left wanting more information and will certainly be purchasing Rick's book." - Raymond L. Zaccagnini, Vice President Administration, Genlyte Group Inc.

Rick Barrera

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Phone: 858-248-3162