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Team-Building Sessions:

Learning Map Workshop

The Overpromise Learning Map is a hands-on, dig-in, no holds barred interactive workshop that gets everyone involved in identifying and focusing on the Touchpoints that matter most to your customers.

What’s “Learning Map”?

On a roll of paper, we actually map -- step-by-step -- how you get a customer. And then we walk through what a customer experiences.

Participants from across your business will discuss your specific business environment and the forces of change that are impacting your company. Participants will:

Put it all together to build a “buzz machine” across your enterprise that will radically differentiate your company from every competitor.

You can use the Overpromise Learning Map’s flexible format as:

If you could see the road ahead, fully mapped out, with clear signs pointing the way to success... wouldn’t that make business easier?

Consumer Trends Discovery Workshop

Do you need to get your team’s creative juices flowing? Are you looking for new possibilities? This hands-on workshop is just the thing. Your team will break into groups and...

In a longer session, each group will create a new product or service, or adapt an existing product or service for your customer base reflective of the trend. Each group then reports out and cross-educates the other groups, so that everyone walks away with a wealth of new perspectives about your changing marketplace.

Rick Barrera

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